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Remember What Works

Remember What Works Interpersonal Communications is more than just speaking with the people with whom you interact. Many pre-pandemic office practices were well established in that they integrated multiple communication processes in the existing work environments that...

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The Unfriendly Bank

The Unfriendly Bank Remember the good old days when your bank paid you money for the privilege of holding your money?  They took the money you deposited with them, and provided credit to other customers in the form of business loans, mortgages, auto loans, and the...

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We Are Not Sweden

We Are Not Sweden We see stories about ethical and integrity failures among the world’s largest companies more often than one might think. The number of cases is growing each year as is the drama surrounding the details once they are released. The U.S. reached a...

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Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow It is now the first few hours of the New Year, and as I sit at the edge of the year 2020, I continue to think about three words and two phrases that occupied my mind over the past 30 plus days. In the days and weeks leading up to...

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Action versus Words

Ethics in the Workplace Training A relative of mine once made a comment that actions are the mirror that reflects intent. That phrase comes back to me from time to time when I come across something in the news or on television. Generally speaking, I wait to avoid...

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The Emotion Trap

The Emotion Trap People often ignore factors or circumstances that surround disagreements, and when they do, disagreements escalate into conflict. Delay resolution too long and the conflict becomes intractable.  Once this happens, a successful outcome is harder to...

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What Did He Say?

  Every once in a while, when you are deep into a discussion, you hear something that sounds like "and the eagle flew upside down." Your first reaction is what? What did he say? If the person was talking to you, your second reaction is, am I losing my hearing? So...

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Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays We at CDC Integrated Services wish to take a moment to thank everyone who chose us to aid them with the issues brought to us during the past year. We are grateful for your business and wish all of our clients a safe and peaceful new...

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