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CDC Integrated Services is a conflict solutions company that bridges the divide between companies and individuals in conflict. We are trained professionals dedicated to providing clients with the tools and processes to defeat difficult disputes.

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Conflict Resolution


Elevate Your Organization’s Harmony and Productivity with CDC Integrated Services

In the heart of thriving organizations lies the mastery of navigating disputes and transforming conflict into opportunities for growth, innovation, and enhanced team dynamics. At CDC Integrated Services, we understand that the cornerstone of organizational success and employee satisfaction is effective conflict resolution. By empowering teams with the skills to bridge differences, we unlock the door to not only heightened interpersonal relations but also to significant strides in diversity, inclusion, and organizational resilience.

Our unique approach doesn’t just manage conflict—it leverages these moments as catalysts for development, broadening career trajectories, and fortifying corporate objectives. Yet, the journey to proficiency in conflict resolution is complex, marked by challenges that can, if not skillfully managed, exacerbate division rather than heal it.

At CDCI, we specialize in transforming the most entrenched conflicts into platforms for collaborative progress. Our services equip leaders and managers with pioneering strategies to foster harmony and restore group cohesion—turning potential discord into a wellspring of collective achievement.

Introducing the CDC Integrated Services Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in the principle of Self-Determination, employing the Interest-Based Relational (IBR) Approach to untangle and address conflicts. This method prioritizes understanding and aligning the underlying interests of all parties, proving time and again to be the most effective in achieving lasting resolutions that respect the needs and aspirations of everyone involved.

CDC Integrated Services stands as your premier partner in conflict resolution, advocating a proactive stance on retaining our expertise. With competitive retainer options, we guarantee swift and decisive interventions tailored to your unique organizational culture and challenges.

Furthermore, we extend an exclusive invitation to executives for advanced conflict resolution coaching and training, designed to embed a legacy of leadership excellence and cohesive team dynamics within your organization.

Enhance Your Leadership Arsenal

While direct testimonials from our esteemed clientele are bound by confidentiality, the transformative impact of our interventions is evident in the sustained success and enriched organizational cultures of our partners. We invite you to explore the distinctive advantages of our approach and services, which are detailed in our rate schedule below.

Partner with CDC Integrated Services Today

Embrace the opportunity to redefine conflict resolution within your organization. Contact us to discover more about how CDC Integrated Services can enrich your leadership toolkit and elevate your team’s potential to unprecedented levels.

Mediation Services & Training


Elevate Your Organizational Dynamics with CDC Conflict Solutions

At CDCI Conflict Solutions, a dedicated division of CDC Integrated Services, we specialize in bridging gaps and fostering harmony across various sectors. Our experienced mediators bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering invaluable assistance to companies, government entities, and diverse organizations navigating the complex terrain of unresolved conflicts. Our ethos is built on the unwavering principle of neutrality, ensuring a balanced approach to every dispute.

Unlike traditional conflict resolution paradigms, our mediators do not pass judgment or dictate terms. Instead, they are adept at facilitating dialogues encouraging parties to engage openly, empowering them to identify and forge their paths to resolution. This methodology not only elevates the potential for innovative outcomes but does so with remarkable efficiency in terms of time and resources.

The CDCI Transformative Mediation Process is central to our approach, a meticulously developed strategy aimed at dismantling adversarial stances and redirecting energies toward constructive, principle-based negotiations. This shift enhances the likelihood of finding mutually agreeable solutions and enriches the relational dynamics between the parties involved.

The advantages of engaging with CDCI Conflict Solutions are manifold. Our proprietary process promises a swift journey to resolution, granting participants complete autonomy over the outcome, alongside the assurances of privacy, confidentiality, and judicial endorsement of the results. Our track record of success spans an array of scenarios, from intricate business partnerships and internal workplace disputes to broader community and contractual disagreements—and our expertise crosses borders, offering global mediation solutions.

Moreover, CDCI Conflict Solutions is proud to offer specialized mediator training programs. Designed for senior HR professionals and key operational leaders, our training is anchored in the pioneering insights of our CEO’s acclaimed work, The Point of Convergence: A Path to Understanding Conflict Resolution. This initiative reflects our commitment to not just resolving conflicts but to transforming organizational cultures through the propagation of deep understanding and proficient conflict resolution skills.

Discover the CDCI Difference

Are you ready to transform how your organization approaches conflict? CDCI Conflict Solutions invites you to embark on a transformative journey toward achieving lasting peace and productivity. Reach out for an exploratory, commitment-free conversation and learn how our expertise can be the cornerstone of your conflict resolution strategy.

Schedule of Rates

Contract disputes lie in wait to damage any business relationship. We at CDCI can unravel the knots. See our videos here.

* Services required in support of the arbitration are a separate charge. *


Arbitration is a form of dispute resolution where the parties in conflict agree to submit their dispute to a neutral third party whose decision is legally binding and enforceable. This form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a technique for resolving disputes outside the courts.

Once the parties agree to arbitration, they agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator.  CDC Integrated Services provides arbitrations services consistent with “JAMS” Comprehensive Arbitration Rules and Procedures.


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Doing the Right Thing

The knowledge that ethics is a practical tool on which to build success, the ability to make positive choices with greater confidence, and the ability to develop successful relationships within the organization, with customers, and other stakeholders.

For the right reason

That doing the right thing for the right reason is the difference between success and great success.  Learn how these building blocks apply to real-life situations and can transform a department or a company.

Ethics and Integrity

A battle is being waged today over the meaning of ethics and integrity. Within our culture, fissures and cracks are creating stresses that individuals and organizations struggle to resolve each day.


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