The Monday Morning Morning Checklist • A Guide For Leaders In A Busy World.

A book that offers a different perspective; a new set of lenses to make things clearer.

Leaders of companies and organizations of any complexity or size never have enough time.  You know how to lead and that is why you are in the position you hold. So what will you find inside the cover of this guide?

This book offers a set of guidelines for leaders who face a demanding environment every day. Individuals who have responsibility over a significant number of people and resources do not need training in being a leader. They do need to take advantage of any opportunity that helps them manage the scarcest resource of all – time.

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The Battle For Ethics and Integrity In The Workplace • The Leader’s Dilemma

A battle is being waged today over the meaning of ethics and integrity. Within our culture, fissures and cracks are creating stresses that individuals and organizations struggle to resolve each day. On one side are those who would re-define ethics and integrity to mean something significantly different from their original meanings. On the other side are leaders of all kinds who seek to defend and strengthen the cultures of the organizations they lead.

CEO’s and other senior leaders confront threats to their businesses that go beyond the forces of competition. The leaders of modern companies and other organizations face threats to the very culture that defines their organizations, the way they do business, and the way they interact with customers and stakeholders.

The story playing out in the pages of this book is that this battle is underway, and the call to action is to recognize it, act on it, and win the battle for ethics and integrity in your company.

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