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Schedule of Rates for 2020

Schedule of Rates for 2020

Item             Services        Hourly Rates         Package               Day Rates

Dispute Services

1a        Mediation             $350.00

1b       Arbitration            8-Percent (8%)

1c       Ombudsman         $250.00

2         Training Programs

2a    Ethics in the Workplace (for executives) $2,500 -four people

2a1  Half day class                                             $800 -per person

2a2  One day class                                           $1,200 -per person

3-Leadership Consulting

3.1    C-suite coaching                                                               $1,700.00

3.2    Executive training

3.2a  6-one hour sessions                                    $2,500.00

3.2b Two hour session                                            $800.00

4     Supply chain issues      $250.00                                           $1,800.00

4a   Proposal support

4b  Contract Formation

4c   Evaluation/Analysis before award

5     Claims Analysis          $250.00

6    Negotiation Support  $250.00

7   Claim Negotiation       $350.00 Plus expenses                     $1,800.00

8   Retainer                      $350.00 Per Quarter (selected clients)





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