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CDC Integrated Services is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company that can help you solve conflict with a client or customer, at the workplace, or wherever the conflict arises. Want to learn more? Call us at 832-452-8537, or contacts us at: We have the answers.


CDCI Integrated Services is the bridge that spans the divide between companies and parties in conflict, We succeed where others fail. See our videos on the services page. See our workshops under Ethics and Integrity.

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CDCI Integrated Services believes that Alternative Dispute Resolution provides outcomes better than litigation. This Blog is dedicated to providing information and insight into this problem solving process.

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The CDCI newsletter provides practical information on resolving conflict. CDCI welcomes feedback from its readers, and where possible, will offer articles of interest based on the comments.

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Building an Ethical culture is an organic process. CDC Integrated Services believes that ethics matters in all things. We can show you how to make this happen. Want to know more? Visit our Ethics and Integrity page.

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