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CDC Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mission Statement
A bridge that spans the divide

Don’t Settle For Less

Bridging the divide between companies and individuals

CDC Integrated Services is a conflict solutions company that bridges the divide between companies and individuals in conflict. We are trained professionals dedicated to providing clients with the tools and processes to defeat difficult disputes. CDC Integrated Services conducts its business with integrity, ethical conduct, respect, and professionalism. CDC Integrated will work diligently to promote confidentiality, trust and seek principled outcomes to conflicts. It is on this foundation CDCI offers its company charter.


  • CDC Integrated Services is a Limited Liability Company that is committed to meeting the needs of our clients in a timely and responsive manner.
  • We strive to do this by:
  • Acting with integrity and respect for others
  • Conducting business in an ethical, safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Maintaining a complete focus on achieving success for our customers
  • Delivering value and profit
  • Excelling in our operations


CDC Integrated Services – The Bridge Than Spans the Divide®, Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason®, 3R Process®, Failure Mitigation Process (FMP)®, CDCI Ethics Center®, Conflict Resolution Triangle®

Our Specialties

the divide between companies and individuals
The bridge that spans the divide



Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution

Supply Chain Analysis

Contract Disputes

Ethics Training

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