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Everyone negotiates, but most are not aware they are doing it. Whether it’s a child arguing with a parent over bedtime, or an adult trying to get a pay raise from his boss, negotiation is an inherent part of everyday life. In a more formal sense negotiation is a discussion or sometimes called a dialogue between individuals or parties. The purpose of any negotiation is to reach an agreement that resolves a point of difference or an understanding on a course of action. In its most common applications it is typically a give and take process where the parties (whose goals and objectives initially conflict) seek a common ground from which to fashion an agreement or understanding. It is a process that seeks a solution or set of solutions based on compromise.

When CDC Integrated Services undertakes a negotiation on behalf of a client it does so on the principle that the goal of the party(s) is to preserve and advance the existing relationship and that the substantive outcomes of the negotiation are to achieve that purpose.

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