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In Pursuit of Absolutes

The title of my monthly newsletter is Putting It in Context.  In the letter I look at conflict, its causes, and the affect it has on companies, organizations, and individuals. The letter looks at the tools and techniques for dealing with conflict, and how I use them in my work. I write about ethics as this is a core principle […]

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Beware the Ides of March

The Danger of Making Assumptions In business, as in life, we all make assumptions about people and events, and we do this because we believe the assumptions to be true. We take it personally when our assumptions are shown to be false. We often make assumptions to avoid the appearance of being ignorant or to avoid showing a lack of […]

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What in the world is happening?

Whether you turn on the television, log on to the internet, or open a newspaper ethical failures are being reported. These ethical failures infect both business and government, and they encompasses a range of issues. What is surprising is that these failures in ethical behavior occur despite the existence of written policies and procedures, codes, and corporate statements of Values. Many […]

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