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What in the world is happening?

Whether you turn on the television, log on to the internet, or open a newspaper ethical failures are being reported. These ethical failures infect both business and government, and they encompasses a range of issues. What is surprising is that these failures in ethical behavior occur despite the existence of written policies and procedures, codes, and corporate statements of Values. Many […]

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Thoughts about Models and More

Mediators can use various mediation models to aid parties in conflict achieve a positive outcome. The Transformative Model is one of the more useful approaches in that it does not try to override the interests of the parties in dispute. At the heart of most disputes is the basic truth that the parties have differing goals and objectives; their interests […]

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Contract Claims

A common misconception is that careful adherence to and management of a contract will prevent contract disputes. Experience has shown us that even well managed contractual relationships experience unresolved issues that develop into contract claims. Some are minor and are quickly resolved, but others, like an untended field taken over by weeds and thickets, will be consumed by wasteful conflict […]

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